The Movement

Fall in Love with A New Age Renaissance Woman. Lauren D. Tebo also known as Trillonehunnit is a social activist, who spreads her massage of change and positivity through music and various art forms. #Trillonehunnit has an Energetic Aura that is a deniable and infectious. #Trillonehunnit #Themovement is a charitable campaign and a Call to Action for social and economic change. All while being true to the realities and struggles she faced as a young black woman growing in a small town called Ames, Texas. It was there she got here values of capital and learned the importance of education. Raised, by her grandparents she would be rewarded for good grades by getting money for A’s on her report card. She grew a love for money and education was the necessary foundation to get it. In her teenage years, she moved with her father to Houston, Texas. Where she cultivated a love for Fine Arts, History, and English. A speech and debate student she was drawn to the poetry of Maya Angelou and Nikki Giovanni. Her father always instilled the importance on being a strong, independent, and self sufficient woman. Although, once she was own her own she faced a series of trial and error. Accompanied by  pain, abuse, and statistics that  were stacked against her. These idealogies combined with motherhood and a deep love for philanthropy. Makes the Dynamic influential; #Trillonehunnit a Revolutionary. Join #themovement A musicial and poetic journey of expression. In a lighthearted, fun, in A ground breaking way.