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The Black Cactus by

Lauren Tebo aka #Trillonehunnit


The strength of a black woman comes from here pain. After being beaten down, broken, and tormented.  She takes a deep breath and continues her stride. So many envy her statue; if they only knew what she had to endure. Physically, beaten choked of all oxygen. Left for dead. Naked and raped of her essence. Alone. She reaches out for a hand yet nothing could be reached. She screeched and howled; heard yet never answered. Like a Cactus within her lived her nutrients. Dry and weathered deserted. To sustain she grows thorns, and thick skin. Despite, her climate she grew flowering buds of her resemblance. Promising to leave a mark on anyone who tired to brake her. Providing for those who went without. Healing those who used her. Even the strongest terrain could not stifle her growth.  She adapted to her environment. Strong in statue, with thick skin, self sustaining, yet subtle

A beautiful poetic alliteration of comparing the black woman and her to that of a black cactus

enough to water her fellow inhabitants. Envied but her thrones made her untouchable.

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